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Before I purchased Solemate orthotics it was very painful to walk any distance. After appointments with a podiatrist saying I had plantar faxciitis I tried orthotics at the Ponoka Stampede- THEY’RE GREAT. I’ve worn them for 1 year now with great results and I feel it was well worth the investment.

Marie Scott Rocky Mtn House Ab.

Before I got the orthotics my feet had a burning sensation and after several hours at work my feet just ached. After the inserts, I basically lost the burning, and standing for 8 hours, I could go for a walk or do exercises. Also my leg cramps have mostly disappeared and so has my lower back problem. I have had them readjusted once and it made a big difference in comfort.

Dianna Buehler Abbotsford B.C.

I’ve had major back pain for years since I was in an accident. Last year we came to Agribition in Regina and bought my orthotics from Solemate. I have been 99% better. I also work for a Chiropractor and he I adjust better over the last year. Iam very happy with what the orthotics have done for me and also they have made my life less painful.

Shirley Comleres Richard Sk.

After suffering several years of intense foot pain, I finally broke down and got a set of your orthotics. My feet have never been better. I no longer have to spend $100 to $300 on shoes. I can buy cheap shoes and put in the orthotics and I’m good to go. Thanks

Mike Calder Fruitvale B.C.

I’ve had my orthotics almost 2 years. My feet are happy. My feet are no longer fatigued after walking. My legs don’t ache anymore and my heels aren’t cracking. Thank you for your knowledge in orthotics and making my feet happy.

Stacey Nelson B.C.

I wear steel toed work boots every day and I am standing or walking on concrete floors long hours each day. My feet were always sore at the end of each day. Dan made a set of orthotics for me and within 3-4 weeks my foot problems were non-existant.Thanks Dan Happy Steppin Wayne

Wayne Edmonton Ab.

The pain I had on my feet was like I was walking on nails. When I got my solemate orthotics the pain all went away. I can walk all day without knee pain. I got them a year ago.

Sharon Dyer Daysland Ab.

I had lower back pain and very very sore feet. A year ago I got orthotics from Dan and cannot believe the difference they made. No more sore feet and no lower back pain. I was 4th stage flat foot.

Bob Gabourie St. Albert Ab.

Iam 18 years old and have fallen arches which gives me occasional knee pain. Not bad now but I was worried about 10 to 20 years from now. I found out about Solemate orthotics at Agribition and inquired about a pair. Just to be certain I needed them and they were a wise investment I brought my mother along. She has excellent feet and I was pleasantly surprised when Dan recommended that she NOT get orthotics. The honesty was definitely a plus and they removed my knee pain in minutes.

Jen Makowsky Canora Sk.

I had cronic back pain for 10 years. After I got the orthotics most of my pain was gone in my back and legs. I’ve been wearing them now for 3-4 years. I had my feet checked at the boat show and found that my feet have improved greatly.

Ed Gray Duncan B.C.

Suffered for years with hip and back pain. These worked from the moment I put them on.

Mike Fealer Langley B.C.

Don’t need ankle or knee brace since wearing them. No more shin splints, only had the for three months what a difference.

Clara Simpson Calgary Ab.

Hello Dan - I am e-mailing you to let you know how well your foot calf massager worked on the edema in my left foot, ankle and calf.

I am a 69 year old male who had a 4 way heart bypass 12 years ago. The surgeon left a staple buried in my left knee area during the retrieval of the vein for the bypass repair parts. The staple caused a Level 2 infection which blew out most of the lymphatic lift check valves when the swelling from the infection caused the leg to all but double in size. The edema is severe and drastically reduces circulation from mid calf to tips of toes.

When I am unable to walk every day for a long period of 3 to 5 weeks, the edema gets to the critical stage. A doctor friend of mine had purchased one of your machines and noticed that I was in a serious edema mode, he dropped his machine off for me to use for 14 days. At the end of 10 days with the machine set at a level 3 massage my left leg was the same size as the right foot and ankle area. My own doctor was extremely concerned about the condition of my left leg and was very surprised that I had managed to remove the edema so quickly.

To any people who browse your site and have a lower leg edema issue I highly recommend your machine as a fast and thorough resolution to this particular issue.

Dan Torok Peace River, Alberta

Going to Farmfair I tripped over a curb & twisted my ankle at 9AM limping well into the afternoon. I sat in the Solemate Accu-pressure stimulator for 15 minutes and left with no pain. No pain the rest of the day and no pain the following day when I returned to purchase my own. I was stunned and amazed that this machine could relieve pain so very quickly.

Jim Gordon Peace River, Alberta

For 10 years or more I have suffered from Sciatica Pain, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Cervical Spondyliosis, Ajrthritis, Osteophyte, Lower Lumbar Pain and Multiple Schlerosis with no remission. During an Exhibition in my town I got to try out this Acu-Stimulator and for the first time in10 years I felt my legs, they belonged to me again, steady and more controlled by me. The relief was overwhelming and getting back the ability in my legs was surreal. With the assistance of the Solemate representatives I ordered and now have my Acu-Stimulator!! I use it on a regular basis following the instructions and am very grateful for this invention that is giving me back some of my mobility and some freedom from my wheelchair/ walkers. With continued use things can only get better. To anyone suffering from conditions such as myself and have lost their mobility I sincerely recommend getting the Acu-Stimulator to regain mobility and for daily therapeutic treatment.

Marilyn Colley Medicine Hat, Alberta

I tried your machine at the I.P.E. in Armstrong I had one 15 minute treatment I have a bad left knee and nervous stomach both of which bother me daily. I’ve had no problems for 4 days now and would like to order your machine.

Jim Ehrhardt Carnduff, Sask.

I have been having serious pain in my shoulder for months and not sleeping through the night so much so I was scheduled for a cortisone shot at my doctors. After 4 days of 1, 15 minute treatment each day at the Strathmore Rodeo no shoulder pain and complete and free movement of the rotor cup. I bought my own machine.

Francis Hansen Enchant, Alberta

25 years ago I had the front top lobe of my lung removed due to cancer. I came to Armstrong fair had one 15 minute treatment at 11:30 A.M. walked the fair went to the Rodeo and noticed my breathing easier so much so I did not need my puffer which I did not have to use for the rest of the day, AMAZING we re-turned to Solemate and bought a machine to use at home.

Della JeffersBarrier, BC

I tried this machine once for one session. I have bad arthritics in my right foot and am a postal delivery person. Terrible pain one treatment pain free when I left the machine and pain free for 36 hours after that. I came back and pur-chased my own. It’s a miracle machine! Can’t wait till it arrives.

Malcolm PitcherKamloops, BC

I have scoliosis and have suffered with chronic neck and back pain my entire life . I tried the solemate for the first time today. I had a headache and a very sore neck after hurting it at work. After a 15 minute treatment in the solemate my head ache is gone and my back feels GREAT.

CarmellaAbbotsford, BC

It’s an experience you soon don’t forget!

Wilf RobinsonTofield

I have massage therapy every 2nd week & with one session of 15min. In the Stimulator my massage therapist was able to get to level 3 in my calves & legs immediately this usually takes her 20 minutes because it is so painful for me & my legs are so tight. I LOVE THIS MACHINE!

Al Mac KenzieComox, BC

I’m not the type of man to buy anything unless I’m convinced that it works. My wife tells me I’m 2” taller and my back pain is gone.

Glen DavidsonGull Lake, Alberta

Suffering for 4 years with heart burn I tried various herbs & health food store supplements with little or no relief. Sunday I tried the Accu-Point machine and on Monday I had more energy like you wouldn’t believe. On Monday & Tuesday after supper I noticed no heartburn at all, just from one 15 minute treatment, AMAZING. I had to buy a machine and traveled to Edmonton to do so to keep the heart burn away. (less gassy too)

Darrell SmookGibbons, Alberta

I am a male senior with terminal prostrate cancer. Along with the spreading can-cer, I have edema problems. The swelling occurs in all parts of the body but pri-marily the accumulation of fluids occurs in my ankles and legs. I have found by using the acu-point stimulator machine is like receiving a short reflexology mas-sage. It stimulates my feet and legs to such a point that the puffiness seems to disappear and my blood circulation is stimulated enough so that my internal or-gans feel like they are almost normalized enough so I can carry on my day. I believe this machine has helped keep me alive a lot longer than my Doctor said I would live.

Alan ShauneEdmonton, Alberta

For the last five years I’ve had numb toes. After four sessions the feeling is completely back. The circulation in my feet is back and no more cold feet.

Barb WinklerLeduc, Alberta

I used the Stimulator and WOW!!! I had pain in my right arm radiating from my wrist to my elbow. One 15 minute treatment and it has disappeared! I also have sciatic problems and it has helped that too. As well it feels absolutely awesome. It does rejuvenate you, thanks so very much.

Don CatlingComox, BC

I have rheumatoid arthritis (16 years) and after a 15 minute treatment I had no pain in my feet and ankles for at least 12 hours.

Lourie JantzieLacombe, Alberta

I suffered from sciatica for 30 years. The last 6 months it went down the front of my leg & I have such severe pain to the point of not sleeping. I had to drag my leg up behind me going upstairs. One session on the Solemate Accussager re-duced my pain tremendously. I slept through the night for the 1st time in along time. I can go up the stairs of my motorhome easily.

Bette MilliganBronco Pictures, Calgary, Alberta

It’s a dandy! I just love it, my husband bought it for our anniversary & I find it so soothing, its my own 15 minutes of personal time.

Jacqueline Goddard Alberta

My wife Gail & I use the Solemate lots, it relieves my ankles & soothes my calves. I’m a truck driver so after long stints I find it relieves my tension.

Dave Rookes Alberta

I had a migraine headache for 3 days now it’s GONE.

Rita Davidson Kelowna, BC

I tried solemate for 15 min. at the show & was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck for 18 months which would make my arm fall a sleep in certain sitting positions. I did find complete relief for 24 hrs. from one 15 min. session amazing.

Warren Friesen Chilliwack, BC

I stand for 12 hour shifts, my back and feet hurt so much. Since using the Accu-Point Stimulator I have noticed no swelling in my feet. My back feels better and Iam sleeping better. I am a diabetic and have pins and needles in my feet. Since using the Accu-Point Stimulator my sugar levels are way down, I’ve slashed my insulin in 1/2, instead of taking 4 needles I take 2, from 14 pills to 3 pills a day. This is an amazing, amazing machine.

Gary Greenham Ft. McMurrary, Alberta

I have been the owner of a “solemate pressure foot massager” for over three years now and I am writing to tell you how it has positively changed my physical health. I have suffered for many years as a result of diabetes. The pain & discomfort at times was un-bearable. Today, the Soelmate Pressure Foot Massager has become part of my daily routine. I no longer experience most of the symptoms. The massager has noticeably improved the circulation in my legs, ankles and feet swelling has vastly improved. I highly recommend the solemate pressure foot massager to anyone seeking improvements to thir leg & foot circulation & relief from discomfort they may be experiencing.

Matthew Wozney Prince George, BC

After one 15 minute session Feb. of 2010 my right shoulder had full movement that I had not had in 16 years. My session was 1 year ago and I still have complete and unrestricted movement to today Unbelievable!!

Brad Home Hardware, Penticton, BC

I have been waking up in the night with a deep aching in my hip/thigh area for many years. Doctors could not tell me what was causing it. I tried your machine 2 different days and both nights I slept right through with no pain. Best sleep I have hand in months. I bought a machine to take home. Love It.

LaRae McKinnon Cardston, Alberta

I have been having lower back problems for over a year now. It causes nerves to be pinched and aggravated which causes a lot of pain in my kness and feet. The first night I tried the Sole-mate I noticed improvement on the pressure and pain that I felt in my knees and was not walk-ing with som much of a limp. Went home, didn’t take my usual 4 migraine strength Advil in order to sleep and for the first time in amonth I slept through the night and didn’t wake up to shooting pain every time I rolled over. By morning I felt really good. That day went on with life as usual: busy, lots of walking and standing for long periods at work. By the time 9pm rolled around I was hobbling again and was in terrible pain. I went back to the fairgrounds; could this machine really work??? I was cautiously optimistic. Second time around, Same results!!! I left the fair-grounds walking almost normal rather than the limp I came in with. Iced my back and went to bed with no pain killers. My legs bothered me for a bit that night but once the muscles relaxed I slept the night again. Felt great the next morning and I returned to purchase my own machine and am looking forward to seeing how this will progress as I use the machine daily.

Laurel Krause Medicine Hat, Alberta

I bought your Solemate Acu-Point Stimulator at the Agribition in Regina in November. I’m loving it. My lymph in my legs is no longer sore and I believe the cellulite is even reducing, Yahoooo!!!

Debra Reid Valley Oasis Energy Healing/Reflexology

After tearing my Achilles tendon 6 years ago, I had done damage to my nerves in my heal. Within 7 minutes of using Solemate, I could feel tingling sensations in my heal for the first time since the injury.

Tina Gayland Grande Prairie, Alberta

I have fibromyalgia and a frozen shoulder. Since using the Solemate Accupoint Stimulator I can raise my arm up higher than before and I am in way less pain.

Audrie Lightbalm Red Deer, Alberta

My husband is a truck driver, within 2 1\2 hours of driving he would have numb-ness in his legs. After using the Solemate Stimulator he can drive long distances and not have the same numbness.

Susie Wright Red Deer, Alberta

I had knee surgery and since then my feet and knee swell. The accupoint stimulator reduces the swelling and residual pain associated with my surgery.

Janet Husey Red Deer, Alberta

I was introduced to Solemate during a trade show in Edmonton. I was sponsoring a booth right across from the Solemate booth and I was experiencing lower back pain all day on day #1 and #2 of the show. I thought I should try this out and I did. Am I glad I did because my pain was almost not there, after a 15 minute treatment. My feet tingled a bit after but the surprise was NO PAIN! I have a compound burst fracture of my L4 & T11 vertebrae’s. I have had pain for 10 years plus and I take T3’s or dilandid daily for my pain. I used this amazing machine for 3 days once a day and never had to take any pain medication at all. You are probably thinking this is B.S. but Iam living proff that it works and cannot wait till I get my own machine in 2 weeks. My experience was “This is weird” because my back does not hurt. It works and if you don’t believe me, try it yourself, you’ll be amazed.

Gary Duffett Two Hills, Alberta

My name is Pauline Rogge and I tried the boots at our fair when I met my Doctor the next day, I told him about the machine. He said are you going to buy one? I said I don’t know and he said they are a lot of money and I said I know but my legs are really doing good and don’t ache anymore just after one treatment and you know how long they have hurt me. He said there is only one to buy make sure it says Solemate.

Pauline Rogge Medicine Hat, Alberta

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  • I am a 69 year old male who had a 4 way heart bypass 12 years ago. The surgeon left a staple buried in my left knee area during the retrieval of the vein for the bypass repair parts. The staple caused a Level 2 infection which blew out most of the lymphatic lift check valves when the swelling from Read More
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