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When you have enjoyed amazing customer experiences you want to share those events with others. Here on our website you can read client testimonials. Stories of individuals that have had their life changed by the custom orthotics we build. Our vision and motivation was to show compassion, empathy and expertise in creating individual custom made orthotics and a line of podiitrist inexpensive ready made orthotics enabling our clients to get back to a more enjoyable lifestyle. We have been doing this since the year 2000. 
Daniel Hanna, a motivated Pedorthist for the past 21 years understood this very obvious and simple concept of building an empathetic business. He understands how to make a real connection with others and over the years has helped thousands of Canadians improve their quality of life. Orthotics was the foundation and then the creation of the Solemate Reflexoloy foot and calf stimulators. Machines that allows for improvements in other areas such as: poor circulation, peripheral neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, tendonitis and reduce the effects of adema.
With our health product lines we are evolving to meet the challenges of those individuals that require relief from pain and discomfort and look forward to making a real measured difference in our clients quality of life. Please read our client testimonials to hear it from real people that have had real results.


We believe that everyone is entitled to pain free walking jogging or exercising.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a competitively priced, effective and durable custom made foot orthotic with a lifetime warranty which helps with all types of bio-mechanical ailments, ranging from foot, knee, hip or lower back pain.

We will complete a pedograph, walking gate analysis and evaluation of current footwear, then we will provide our client with a detailed summation of the issues found.

Our manufacturing process is done with precision and detail ensuring superior workmanship and rapid turnaround time. Always maintaining the highest standards regarding our customer service and products, we provide exemplary quality of service to each and every client. We work with our clients to identify the cause of their particular gait issues and recommend the appropriate measures to help evaluate further problems.

"The only WRONG ACTION for a foot related issue is INACTION"

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I am a 69 year old male who had a 4 way heart bypass 12 years ago. The surgeon left a staple buried in my left knee area during the retrieval of the vein for the bypass repair parts. The staple caused a Level 2 infection which blew out most of the lymphatic lift check valves when the swelling from Read More
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